Archive Clan


Archive is a competitive group of content creators created in 2019, with roots set in Destiny 2 and a variety of other games.

Project Scope:

- Introduction video


Nicolas Dorey → Motion, Sound Designer

Archive Clan Founder Nathan, came to NicoMotions looking for an intro video to complement their organization's new branding.

Archive Clan Intro Still

Introduction - Storyboarding

Storyboard of scene 1 - Logo Appearance

Storyboard of scene 2 - Logo Close-up

Storyboard of scene 3 - Typography animation

Thinking Process.

We decided to develop and stick to a futuristic look. We felt this encased their new rebrand's style best.

Scene 1 Still

First scene — The Reveal.

Our goal with the opening scene was to prepare viewers to expect the second scene. We want the environment to be aggressive and unpredictable. We achieve this by capturing these sensations in different ways: sound, fast animation and fast motion.

Scene 2 Still

Second scene — Anticipation.

This shot is put together using Archive-branded elements, the slower motion and anticipation here prepare viewers for impact. And in this, we want to show the influence that their organization can have.

Scene 3 Still

Third scene — Impact.

The cherry on top. This 3rd shot is bold, engaging, and filled with secondary animations implemented to complement Archive's new branding.

Complimentary shot from scene 1
Complimentary shot from scene 2
Complimentary shot from scene 3
Complimentary shot from scene 4
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