Invasion Series Trailer


An unofficial remake of the original Invasion AppleTV+ series trailer made by IMAGINARY FORCES.

Project Scope:

- TV series trailer


Nicolas Dorey → Motion Designer & Visual Effects artist

Original Series Trailer by IMAGINARY FORCES

This personal project is composed of 21 shots all combining a mix of real footage & CGI, and one credits scene.

Working alone, this took around 2 months of work, research, asset hunting, and experimenting. You'll notice a difference in quality between the first and last scenes, but I'm proud to leave them in.

This project was born out of the burning passion I have for visual effects and film.

I decided to attempt the recreation of this incredible 21-scene TV series trailer made by IMAGINARY FORCES to prove to myself that I could create this type of work despite the colossal amount of research and uncertainty that embarking on a personal project of this scale entails.

It required me to learn new techniques, discover new software, and mix everything together the best I could while maintaining a proper workflow.


- After Effects

- Unreal Engine 5

- Blender

- Particle Illusion

- Photoshop


- 2D/3D Compositing

- Rotoscoping

- 2D/3D Tracking

- 3D Modeling

- 2D/3D Animation

- Light 3D FX Simulation

- Color grading

On that note, I am hoping this project will meet the eyes of people who are looking for a freelance motion designer and visual effects artist to work with on exciting projects in the future.

Scene 3 - Road
Scene 4 - Metro
Scene 17 - Snow Road
Scene 20 - City
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