Thom "THOMB" Brouwer


Thom "THOMB" Brouwer is an F1 Simracing Entertainer and Content Creator. On a mission to bridge the gap between Simracing and real racing, he does so by shaping his content into entertaining shows.

Project Scope:

- Show Starting Scene Design

- 3D Stinger Transition


Nicolas Dorey → Project Manager, Motion Designer

James Connelly → Graphic Designer

Thom "THOMB" came to NicoMotions looking to electrify his Twitch show with a brand new Starting Scene and 3D Stinger Transition.

Thomb Logo

Starting Scene - Storyboarding

We storyboarded the creation process of the Starting Scene in order to make a clear presentation for Thom.

First iteration of the storyboard

This resulted in great feedback from the client and helped us design a final set of scenes which he was very pleased with.

Final Storyboard

Starting Scene - Result

Here is the shortened result of our collaboration with Thom on his 5:30min Starting Scene.

3D Stinger Transition

With the Stinger Transition, we wanted to make sure switching scenes felt exciting, without it becoming too distracting. We wanted the attention of the viewer to stay on the content behind the transition.

3D Stinger Transition

Starting Scene - Frame 1
Starting Scene - Frame 2
Starting Scene - Frame 3
Starting Scene - Frame 4
Starting Scene - Frame 5
Stinger Transition - Frame 1
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